The Brood Transistor

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“Some Canadian Band Made an Entire Music Video Making Fun of ‘Chef’s Night Out’ – VICE
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“Transistor is already some of your favourite songs” – The East Mag
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“The Brood’s energetic rock debut” – Mindies
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“Binge on The Brood’s on The Brood’s Hilarious Video for Munchies” – The Coast
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“New wave sound that would have Devo shitting their over-sized yellow
Hazmat suits” – Halifax Bloggers
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“Wouldn’t put it past them to support a major band on a world tour soon” – Gigwise

“Loud and endearingly forceful” – Exclaim

“The Brood are the most interesting and exciting live band I’ve seen in Halifax in years!” – Joel Plaskett

“Offbeat humour, tight playing and sharp song construction that hovers in the realm of acts like proto-new-wave band Sparks, art rockers Pere Ubu and Frank Zappa’s challenging weirdness.” – Stephen Cooke, The Chronicle Herald

“The Brood is an interesting beast. What I’d describe as off-kilter jazz-tinged surf-rock, the band takes old school rock and spins it on it’s head. It’s feel-good music that makes you want to dance but it’s anything but cookie cutter.” Tunes For Tea

The Brood is a group of time-travelling, genre-bending millennials who are
trying to give you the buzz you think your parents had when they went out
to dance.

Called “a beautiful smorgasbord of late 20th century radio hits” (Kimberly
Sinclair, Spincount) their debut full length album Transistor (available
now on SeaYou Records and Turtlemusik) is an imagistic collage of
retro-tinged tunes that evoke pop music’s past, but maintains the band’s
trademark originality. With a relative rawness and nonchalant virtuosity,
The Brood’s live show has attracted a dedicated audience throughout the
Canadian east coast. Legendary rocker Joel Plaskett at one time deemed them
“the most interesting and exciting live band I’ve seen in Halifax in


Transistor (Album, 2017)

Deranged Love (EP, 2016)

All Debit, No Credit (EP, 2014)